Sometimes I am asked the question – Why does Tinson Training train on-site? My usual response is that training staff in their normal work surroundings makes what is learned immediately more relevant to their day-to-day work and almost always raises the level of engagement with the course content.

Another reason why we train on-site is the opportunity for unexpected bonuses. On a recent three-day course the drawings for the equipment that the company produce were brought into the training room along with the equipment itself. Realizing the potential benefit we quickly photographed the drawings and various components and put them up on the screen so all could share. Over the three days of the course, we had worked through all the drawings. As a result, the course content was made directly relevant and by its conclusion, the attendees had a comprehensive understanding of how it worked and how they could work with it and each other to best effect.

Sometimes there is just no substitute for being on-site – and having the flexibility, experience and tech to take advantage of a given situation.