• "I have never seen the guys so enthusiastic about a training course. They are saying it is the best course they have been on. Thank you so much."

    AMG Alpoco – Electrical Machine Maintenance
  • "Brian trained 10 of our Field Technicians. The feedback that I received from my staff was very good. Brian trained on our own equipment which was extremely useful and the guys are so much more confident to tackle problems. It is very likely that we will be using Tinson Training again."

    Aqualux – Electrical Safety Awareness
  • "Really well presented, very enjoyable. A very helpful and informative course presented perfectly. Very well delivered"

    Barchester Healthcare – Electrical Safety Awareness and Basic Plumbing Repairs
  • "Was a very interesting course and well led. I enjoyed the course . I learned a lot and found it very beneficial"

    BBI Solutions – Electrical Safety Awareness
  • "Very good thorough day. Very good and well explained. Good course found some new things out."

    Chesterfield Royal Hospital – Electrical Site Maintenance
  • "Very interesting course. Good awareness. I would like to thank you for delivering an excellent 4 days training. It was exactly what we wanted. You made all the candidates very welcome and at ease and the feedback has been very positive."

    Coventry Building Society – Electrical Site Maintenance
  • "I have found the course very good and learned a lot. I would recommend."

    David Phillips Furniture – Electrical Safety Awareness
  • "I thought the training was really good, very useful. The group had a mixture of previous experience and Brian dealt with this well. The content had quite a depth and breadth, which was good for me - a relative beginner. It was evident that Brian has been a teacher for long time, as well as an electrical engineer. He knew his stuff and his delivery was simple and effective. It was also good to have the content aimed at the needs of the technicians and their equipment."

    Debenhams Retail – Electrical Site Maintenance
  • "Yesterday's course was interactive, The Trainer was very knowledgeable and a good teacher and some of us really learned a lot of things about electricity. Definitely 5 stars for the trainer. I would really like to get a more into deep electrical course if we will have this opportunity. I really enjoyed the course yesterday. Very insightful and I learnt a lot that I didn’t know which will help me not only at work but at home too!

    Learning how wiring reacts to electrical current etc was helpful for us in the studio and learning how to help in an emergency situation. I think it was useful to keep us working safer and being more aware of our surroundings

    The training yesterday was great. It’s definitely taught me some valuable lessons on safely working with electricity. Being a photographer in the studio I’m constantly connecting and disconnecting to some kind of electricity source with a lot of cables involved. My biggest learning was becoming aware of so many potential hazards that I didn’t think would be a problem.

  • "I must say that I thought the course was excellent and would like to thank you for making the course so interesting. I really hope that Gartec use you again for future training. Thank you."

    Gartec – Electrical Machine Maintenance
  • "May I on behalf of H J Weir Eng. Co. Ltd thank you for conducting the Electrical Maintenance Course at our premises in Chepstow. The feedback we have received from our engineers has been 100% positive. All six of the attendees learnt new things and described your presentation as clear, precise and interesting Wishing you well for the future and make no mistake if and when we require extra electrical training we will look no further"

    H J Weir Engineering Company Ltd – Electrical Machine Maintenance
  • "Can I just say a big thanks to Brian who delivered the training last week, all the lads who attended the course have said how well the training went and how good the trainer was in delivering the course. With the feedback we have had we will not hesitate to use you again. We have other team members which we now feel would benefit from this training, I will be in touch soon for more dates "

    Hellermann Tyton – Electrical Machine Maintenance
  • "Electrical concepts I've always struggled to grasp are now clearly understood"

    Integrated Water Services – Electrical Site Maintenance
  • "Fantastic - Wonderful. It was just what we wanted."

    Jacuzzi UK – Electrical Machine Maintenance
  • "Very concise and clear. Very Informal and Relaxed. Excellent course very well presented."

    Jesus College Oxford University – Electrical Site Maintenance
  • "When the guys have been on a course and I ask them if it was alright the usual response is 'Yes it was Ok". This time they are actually coming to me to tell how good the course was."

    John Middleton, Managing DirectorJTM Services Limited – Electrical Machine Maintenance
  • "Excellent and very comprehensive content. Well delivered course - I learnt a lot."

    Leeds Beckett University – Electrical Safety Awareness
  • "The feedback has been amazing. The guys really did enjoy the course and got a lot from it. It was even named the best course that has been carried out in the Airport. The feedback was the best that I have ever heard. To the extent of the guys are requesting further training"

    Manchester Airport – Electrical Machine Maintenance
  • "We needed a course just like this."

    National Trust – Electrical Site Maintenance
  • "There was correct emphasis not only on the technical aspects of electrical supplies but also safety and first aid issues. I found Brian to be very amiable, who readily shared his obvious extensive trade knowledge, interspersed with interesting anecdotes."

    NHS Scotland – Electrical Safety Awarenesss
  • "Very Knowledgeable tutor who obviously takes great pride in his profession. An excellent course."

    Orsted Renescience – Electrical Machine Maintenance
  • "This course has really made me think about the way I work.
    Very valuable and worthwhile.
    Very informative and made simple to understand."

    Pelican Rouge – Electrical Safety Awareness
  • "Very good, clear material and should be obligatory for new starters. Well presented and kept interesting. Well explained and also helped improve my overall knowledge."

    Production Resource Group Ltd – Electrical Safety Awareness
  • "Initial Feedback from the course is very positive"

    TE Connectivity – Electrical Safety Awareness
  • "Well presented and Interesting
    Delivered in a very professional and enjoyable way. Important knowledge.
    Very well presented, informative but not too heavy."

    University of Cumbria – Electrical Safety Awareness
  • "Excellent course - very informative and will help towards understanding of our electrical circuits and allow to test components on the plant. Well presented and made it understanding and interesting. Many thanks "

    Viridor Waste Management Limited – Electrical Machine Maintenance
  • "I have learnt so much is a short time and I appreciate all the time given and the extra effort to answer all our questions. I will spend more time reading the provided book which will help even more."

    Wilo – Electrical Machine Maintenance
  • "Thank you very much for the Electrical Safety Awareness training. By far one of the best courses I have been on. A great mix academic and practical. "

    YMCA – Electrical Site Maintenance and Basic Plumbing Repairs