Electrical Panel Entry Training

  • 1 Day Course
  • Delivered on your site anywhere in the UK 
  • Available as a virtual On Line Course

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The Electrical Panel Entry Training Course is designed for factory production staff (typically those in a supervisory role) who would benefit from training to enter electrical control panels to reset trips and overloads.

Typical Participants

Those who work in a factory production environment with responsibility for maintaining production targets

General Information

The Electrical Panel Entry Training Course will give the attendees sufficient understanding of dangers and risks when entering electrical panels to reset trips and overloads.

Typical Content

  • Basic electrical quantities and units
  • Simple electrical circuits
  • Overview of voltages in typical panels and their dangers
  • Understanding electrical dangers
  • Understanding the causes of tripped out circuits
  • Entering electrical panels to reset tripped devices or make adjustments
  • Protection from electric shock
  • The legal implications and requirements
  • Understanding limitations and restrictions

Course Book

All course attendees will be given access to a downloadable book that covers all the course content.

Elec Safety 3D Book Cover If you have attended the Electrical Panel Access course and wish to download this book then follow this link and select the Electrical Safety book. Enter the code that you were given on the course.