Case Studies

Tinson Training has a range of clients covering a wide variety of business sectors from manufacturing, servicing, retail, education, leisure and many more. Below are examples of training programmes that we have delivered to some of our clients.

Pelican Rouge

Electrical Training by Tinson Training for Pelican Rouge Coffee Solutions
Electrical Training by Tinson Training for Pelican Rouge Coffee Solutions
Pelican Rouge is Europe’s leading coffee solutions company. Known to many of us for their ubiquitous work place vending machines. Pelican Rouge has existed since 1863 and  in vending machine operation since the 1960s. It has it’s own coffee roasting operation based in Dordrecht in the Netherlands. Pelican Rouge is a growing company acquiring smaller companies and there was a concern over the levels of electrical expertise across it’s Service Team.
Following a pilot course Tinson Training was asked to deliver the training across the whole of the service team consisting of nearly 100 engineers. The course was delivered making reference to the electrical issues related to vending machine servicing. Glyn Evans, Health and Safety Manager, commented “We liked the way Tinson Training presented itself initially and the fact that they listened to our needs and devised training to match. The initial feedback was so positive that it was not a difficult decision to extend their training to the full team”. The course was primarily aimed at ensuring that the engineers followed good safe working practices and were fully aware of their responsibilities in ensuring the machines were safe for use.


 Wienerberger Wienerberger AG is the world’s largest producer of bricks. Founded in Austria in 1819, Wienerberger is now also a world leader in the manufacture of roof tiles and pipes with production sites across Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans, India, Turkey, Canada and the USA. With an ever increasing need to meet production demands the company were concerned that untrained production staff were entering electrical panels to reset trips and overloads. Calling upon the skills of electricians to carry out this task was ineffective and incurred too many delays in production.
Tinson Training was asked to initially deliver a one day course in Denton, Manchester for production supervisors. Allowing them to fully understand the causes of tripped circuits, be fully aware of the dangers within electrical panels, recognise other electrical problems and importantly understand their limitations. We have subsequently delivered the same training across many of the manufacturing sites in England.


 srcl SRCL, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, is the UK’s leading healthcare waste recycling and waste disposal specialists collecting from hospitals, GP surgeries, healthcare companies and dental surgeries. The UK arm of the global business Stericycle Inc, SRCL, has built a robust reputation and grown it’s business significantly over the last ten years.Most plants in the UK and Ireland do not employ electricians and will rely on outsourcing their electrical needs for major electrical issues. However simpler electrical problems could be fixed by their mechanical maintenance engineers, managers or supervisors.
Tinson Training initially delivered a course for selected managers and the company’s electrical engineer in Aylesford, Kent. Following a review of that training we were asked to deliver a one day Electrical Awareness courses followed by two day more practical, in depth electrical Maintenance Courses for Managers, supervisors and engineers. This second course developed skills in electrical testing, fault finding and replacement of components. These course have been delivered at 4 locations in the UK with staff attending from 10 UK sites as well as courses in Dublin for Dublin and Northern Ireland sites.

Debenhams Retail

Debenhams Since 2011, Tinson Training has been delivering a two day Electrical Safety Compliance Training course for Debenhams Retail plc. Most retail stores employ a Technical Services Advisor (TSA) who deals with all the technical issues in the stores including co-ordinating the work of external contractors. Due to the nature of their work they TSAs will carry out minor electrical repairs. It is imperative in a such a role to have a basic understanding of electricity and electrical safety.
This course was previously being delivered by another training provider with whom Debenhams became unsatisfied. Debenhams sought an alternative trainer and we were contacted and after providing proposals were asked to attend a meeting at Debenhams Head Office in London. Tinson Training was delighted to be selected as the training provider. The initial training course was delivered in Dublin. Many courses have been run at stores throughout England and deal with topics such as Basic Principles, Electrical Dangers, Simple Electrical Circuits, Distributions Boards, Earthing, Circuit Breakers and RCDS, Wiring Plugs, Making Electrical Connections, Electrical Isolation.