Electrical Safety Awareness (1 Day Course)

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The Electrical Safety Awareness Training Course is ideal for those people who need to work on electrical equipment who either have no electrical qualifications or need a reminder of electrical dangers and safe working practices.

Typical Participants

Any person who needs to carry out electrical tasks from the simple to the more complex and needs to be fully aware of electrical dangers and how to work safely.

General Information

The Electrical Safety Training Course will be customised to your requirements and will relate to the type of activities that your people need to carry out. The course attendees will be assessed upon completion of the course so that you can be assured that they have taken the learning on board. The course will be certificated as ‘Successful Completion’ and will therefore be invaluable for health and safety purposes.

Typical Content

  • Basic Electrical Principles
  • The Dangers of Electricity
  • Safe Working Practices (Isolation and Live Working)
  • Protection from Electric Shock (earthing, RCDs)
  • Excess Current Protection (Circuit Breakers, Fuses)
  • The Importance of Making Safe and Secure Electrical Connections
  • Electricity at Work Regulations 1989
  • Inspecting and Checking Electrical Equipment for Safety

Course Book

All course attendees will be given access to a downloadable book that covers all the course content.

Elec Safety 3D Book Cover If you have attended the Electrical Safety Awareness course and wish to download this book then follow this link and select the Electrical Safety book. Enter the code that you were given on the course.