We have made much over the years of the bespoke nature of Tinson Training courses and the fact that they are delivered on the client’s premises. This is all well and good but it does also mean that we must be capable of responding with authority to a wide variety of scenarios.

Two recent inquiries reminded me that much of our success is built on this ability. Perhaps we could call it informed empathy. In one case a client approached us simply on the basis that he had seen that we deliver bespoke courses. His is a company that specializes in broadcast aerial arrays, often in remote settings and challenging conditions. He was pleased to find that I could discuss their training issues knowledgeably and suggest the best content for his business.

Another was a supplier to the glass industry. In their case, I could draw on earlier working experience in the industry to quickly get up to speed and demonstrate again that we could respond to their training requirements from a solid basis of understanding.

I am glad to be able to say that I am not the only member of the Tinson Training team that can draw on a deep well of useful experience that can be used to the benefit of our clients and keeps them coming back. That is why the way we respond is so important.