Here at Tinson Training what would have seemed far-fetched at the dawn of 2020 has now become what is often referred to as the ‘New Normal’. For us it has meant that, like many other businesses, we have evolved to meet the challenge. I believe that if you don’t or can’t it is going to be a very grim winter indeed.

So what is this ‘New Normal’. It is a time of social caution and constantly changing restrictions. It is an economy that is battered but as yet unbowed. It is living with the constant threat that the virus will find a chink in our business or personal armour.

So far, so gloomy yet following the Lockdown business is working and although infection rates may be high death rates are not –  though any are a tragedy. A variety of Vaccines should become available from the New Year representing a flickering light at the end of the tunnel and there is cautious optimism that a Brexit deal will be struck in time for Christmas.

So the New Normal is a bit like a ‘curate’s egg’ – good in parts.

The good for Tinson Training has been in adapting our bespoke onsite training course to bespoke online versions. While this is an immediate  response to the pandemic we will include these in our portfolio long term. We have also eased the booking process by making payment by card available, recognising that it can otherwise take longer than desired to accumulate financial sign offs.

We intend that the lessons learnt in the ‘New Normal’ will show Tinson Training even better fitted to provide electrical and plumbing training and, potentially, new sectors as we move forward to 2021 and beyond.