Authenticity is arguably one of the most valuable elements of life, work, relationships and culture. In a world where technology can allow us to fake almost anything – with the possible exception of a really satisfying bacon sandwich – authenticity is a precious commodity.

This realisation was one of the spurs to striking out on my own with Tinson Training over ten years ago. I was frustrated and dissatisfied with the way in which the education business that I worked for rolled out training courses as standardised tick box exercises with little real attention to increasing relevant knowledge and attendees satisfaction.

I wanted to deliver electrical training in a way that was engaging, tailored to the recipients needs and delivered by experienced trainers. Experience gained doing the job and teaching others rather than from a manual by rote. Authenticity was to run like an artery through all that we did. As a native Yorkshireman I do value straight talking.

I am happy to be able to say that that approach has worked and we have been able to grow and continue to provide really useful and authentic training to a growing number of businesses from small to global almost everywhere that people work with electricity.

Authenticity is a solid basis for any business but absolutely vital when teaching about something that can kill the unwary.