There are times when we receive a new client inquiry and I wonder  ‘How did they find us ?’. Like most businesses today we have an active Social Media presence (@tinsontraining), an up to date website (  a quarterly Newsletter and pay close attention to the level of inquiries we receive and convert. This all helps us to maintain visibility.

There is, however, another phenomenon at work for us. Let me explain. Recently I presented a course at a company in the laundry services and water economy business. It turned out that we had trained the original laundry some time ago before they were acquired by the present client. Often it can be another strand in the web such as a Supplier or Customer of the New Enquirer that brings them to our door. The common denominator is word of mouth.

Should we be surprised? Not really. We believe in the quality and value of what we do for our clients and that translates into confidence that their appreciation will yield returns in repeat business and positive word of mouth. That determination to provide training that has real value and is focussed on actual business needs is the fundamental philosophy on which Tinson Training was founded by Brian Tinson over ten years ago. One which it is proud to maintain now and into the future.

It has served us and our clients well.