When an engineer is faced with an electrical problem or crisis he or she needs to feel in control. It may be a situation they have not encountered before but with the right training they will be able to break it down into a series of steps to a solution. Being methodical and keeping drama at bay.

Experience will enhance trained skills and at Tinson Training we are essentially passing on our decades of experience in working with and around electricity and training thousands of those who need to ensure they have the right skills to do their jobs safely.

On a recent Tinson Training course a delegate had not long before attended another companies’ course with a supposedly similar agenda. He found ours far more relevant to the work in which he is involved. No doubt due to the fact that it was bespoke to his company , on site and delivered by experienced trainers who have decades of experience between them.

This set me to thinking about how it is that our training often seems to have an effect similar to the 1970s Heineken advertising slogan – “Refreshes the parts other other beers cannot reach”. This is the fact that trainees and their managers will frequently be stimulated by our course content and delivery to change from ‘we’ve always done it this way’ to adopting safer and more effective work practices. 

That really makes me feel that Tinson Training is making a difference. It’s a good feeling.