The principal purpose of Tinson Training is to help create a competent person who is capable of carrying out a level of electrical work to a required standard. Competence encompasses a range of aspects including using the right tools for the job. We will often advise on the correct tools to use and regularly pass comment on the appropriateness of tools that attendees have that they would use on the job. 

An attendee on a course described an experience he had with a multimeter that was clearly unsuitable. The meter was not easy to use, was quite old and the labelling on the settings were faded with time. Consequently we believe he put it on the wrong setting for the task. The result was he created a short circuit directly across the mains 240V supply. The consequences could have been far worse than they actually were so he ‘got away with it’. Apart from the potential harm caused it certainly does not display the performance of a competent person. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations says we must provide the right tools for the job. At Tinson Training we educate and advise with no bias other than making sure that those who attend can carry out electrical work safely and effectively. 

We would never advise making do with a tool or item of equipment that is not good enough. It is not uncommon, even during a course, that attendees discuss with their manager tools that they need following our advice. We are pleased to report that many employers are very happy to provide the right tools for the job. 

Tinson Training will always emphasise the safety and practical benefits of having the right tools for the job along with the right knowledge.