It is a natural outcome of the job I do that I talk frequently with managers with staff they need to train as well as those being trained.

A common theme has emerged from these chats over time. A regular comment is that there are many companies offering to train in electrical topics but very few that offer training that is anything other than a standard menu not necessarily relevant or really useful to their business. A set formula delivered at a trainers venue tends to be the norm.

I am pleased that when I started Tinson Training I determined that our offer  should be to provide electrical training that matches the clients needs on their premises throughout the UK. This seems to have struck a chord with clients, many of whom tell us that they had spent much time researching and contacting providers and being frustrated at finding that they more often than not were offering set classroom courses that fell short of their needs. The  Tinson Training approach has been regularly praised for bringing the right training content to trainees on site.

We have trained for more than 650 clients and 5500+ trainees in our ten years in business and given that more than 70% of our clients return I like to think that we are forming lasting virtual training partnerships to the mutual benefit of our clients and ourselves.