When you think of what makes a professional do you ever consider the part that safety plays in completing the ideal profile? From Flying to Manufacturing, Special Forces to Construction and Electrical engineering, safety is a consideration that underpins any level of professionalism. 

In my view a key element in bringing this mindset to bear – and one that is shared across professional work with any level of risk – is a culture of discipline.

How is this discipline to be instilled? Through training naturally.

It is quite remarkable the difference I notice in delegates at the end of a course. You can see that they have taken on board key learning and have been stimulated to look at their work more wholistically. They have gained a better understanding how the way in which they perform their tasks can effect not just themselves but the clients, their colleagues and the business they work for.

It is a discipline in the sense of a process  to perform rather than a yoke to struggle under.