A key element of the Tinson Training proposition is to deliver the training required ‘Onsite’. This has led to experiencing some unusual settings to say the least. We have been on top of the world with Al Jazeera Media on the 16th floor of the Shard and in the depths at York Dungeons to the accompaniment of background tortured screams – no attendees were harmed. 

When we trained HMRC they were careful to make sure our taxes were all in order first while the Home Office security made very sure that our vehicle was ’clean’ before letting us on site.

Some have been less than pleasant such as a Poultry Recycling plant were a few showers were necessary to rid us of the smell, while training in the grounds of one of Author Ken Follett’s residences was the polar opposite

What ever our experiences have been we have always found that training in the working environment of the trainees pays dividends in relating what is learnt to their everyday tasks.

No doubt there will be many more ‘onsite’ experiences to come, adding value to our bespoke courses.