One of the characteristics of Tinson Training that gives us most pride is our ability to adapt courses to our clients needs. Our course formats and content are not cast in stone. Our small team of expert trainers are able to use their depth and breadth of experience to make any form of course match the needs of their audience. Just tell us what you need and the knowledge level of the audience and we will do the rest.

A good example recently was presented by HMRC and another client. They had both identified a training need – one for staff working around IT equipment and another for Admin staff who need to be familiar with electrical terminology and its implications so that they can respond appropriately. Many Training companies would respond with an off the shelf day long course delivered at their training facility for both.

We provided, on both clients sites, a fairly in depth 4 hour course for the first requirement and a simpler 2 hour course for the latter. Both courses are fundamentally about Electrical awareness but with course content adjusted to the separate audience needs. In both cases the attendee’s feedback indicated that they had got the knowledge they needed.

This is what we believe Training should deliver – the knowledge needed. No unnecessary or irrelevant detail will ‘pad out’ our courses. They will fit the need like the best tailoring.