Brian Tinson

How many companies are truly an extension of their founder’s beliefs and skills? Tinson Training is such a company. The brainchild of Brian Tinson and after a decade of growth still very much in his image. The small team that has grown up around him share his values and his belief in the ups killing power of truly engaging electrical and plumbing maintenance training.

Brian is a Yorkshireman transplanted to the equally characterful county of Shropshire and it has been a profitable relocation. Brian founded Tinson Training in 2008 after becoming disenchanted with what he saw as a ‘tick box’ servicing of the adult skills sector by educational institutions, a service that added little in terms of real skills and knowledge transfer.

A Yorkshireman’s sense of value and fairness shaped the business we see today; delivering high quality, bespoke onsite electrical and plumbing training in the essentials throughout the UK with great success.

The recipe is clearly a winner as his company has grown significantly over the years with an admirable 70% plus repeat business rate and roster of Blue Chip clients.

While Brian would never claim to have a unique world beating business formula he does base everything that he and his team do on a few simple principles

  • Deliver what is needed and more
  • Deliver it as close to the action as possible
  • Deliver training that is engaging and relevant
  • Design training that addresses real skill needs not just ticking boxes

After some years in adult education Brian had developed a powerful conviction that training delivered in a sterile classroom environment to a rigid curriculum was not the most effective way to train those who are, for example, not electricians but who need a variety of skills to work safely and productively around electrical equipment. They need to be able to identify and correct faults and manage installations without needing to call on an expert but equally know when that is the right call to make. They need to ‘own’ what they do and understand how that can impact those working around them and vice versa

This niche approach to practical skills training has attracted clients such as BAE Systems, EON, Debenhams, Formula 1, Oxford University, Bombardier, Aldi, BT, Ecolab and Oxford Instruments to name but a few.

It is a tribute to an unassuming music loving Yorkshireman who just wants to make sure that those trained have got the real skills they need and get more satisfaction from what they do as a result.