Recently, at a major UK steel plant, a visiting service engineer, lacking in electrical awareness, tripped out the power supply . A qualified electrician had to be called in to reset the breakers.

A direct consequence was that the steel plant found on checking that the service company had never undertaken any electrical awareness  training for its engineers. They now had to implement it as a matter of urgency – and survival.

A couple of points are raised by this story. Firstly it is not safe to assume that just because a company employs engineers it follows that they will be trained to work around electrical equipment. Relying on what they think they know from previous experience does not count.

Secondly the potential reputational damage for the service company is disastrous. In this case they were lucky the outcome was not even more serious.

At Tinson Training we have often received inquiries for our on site bespoke electrical training as a result of a sudden realisation that the companies’ employees are not fully or recently trained. It is a requirement of the work they are pitching for to be able to prove that they are. With Tinson Training they get exactly the knowledge and skills required.