Happy New Year

Tinson Training is 10 years old. I started the business with a view to providing high quality training that supplies a useful service to businesses. That mission has not changed and the only difference today is that I know I have succeeded in doing what I set out to do. Many of our customers return for further business and that is the obvious indicator that they are happy with what we have done for them previously. Some of our clients have become regulars with training courses running frequently whereas others come back for more training as and when they have the need. I said at the outset of the business ‘once I get customers I am convinced I will keep them’ and that statement has been proven over the last 10 years.

At the start of a new year, the mission remains the same. High quality engaging training, delivered reliably and professionally by professionals. I know, today, we can get many good sounding phrases about the intentions of any business but I know that these words are absolutely genuine. Today I have three trainers that assist me and they all have one intention and that is to help course delegates learn and become inspired. We are all ‘people people’ and expect course attendees to enjoy the training in a friendly, relaxed yet hugely informative manner.

We know that occasionally people are apprehensive about attending a training course but we set out from the outset to make those who attend our courses feel relaxed so they can enjoy learning from an experienced professional. All my trainers are not only technically qualified but also qualified in helping others learn.

So at the start of 2018, I am hugely proud of what Tinson Training has achieved and become. I expect all our clients, old and new, to be very satisfied with the training we deliver. If I have one message for the future it is ‘you can rely on us’.

Happy New Year.