I was asked the question the other day “ What do we get when we hire Tinson Training?”. It is the sort of question that makes you stop and think. It is probably something that we should all do a bit more often, whatever product or service we sell.

My first thought, predictably, is the knowledge, expertise, and experience we bring to each task and our enthusiasm for transferring knowledge. We know that learning enjoyed is learning retained. So far so good, but many others could make similar claims.

Well, one of the benefits of having worked across many businesses, large and small and many different sectors, is the ability then, without damaging client confidentiality, to compare and contrast methods of working and question the ‘We’ve always done it that way” syndrome. Feedback over the years has revealed that many clients have benefited from this impromptu benchmarking.

Of course, one of the client’s benefits which has always set us apart has been the fact that a) we mold our courses to the client’s specific needs and circumstances and b) we then deliver on-site (and sometimes online) in a familiar work context – not a sterile training centre and an off-the-shelf course.

My questioner was satisfied and, I like to think, suitably impressed. Certainly, the formula works with over 70% of our clients returning for more from Tinson Training.