Throughout my career, and especially since founding Tinson Training, I have believed that information enjoyed is information retained. I have made this a central tenet of the Tinson Training approach and because of this have recruited fellow trainers who share this belief and an ability to engage the delegates on our courses.

It seems so obvious yet I hear frequent tales of trainers who have inflicted ‘death by Powerpoint or who are just training by numbers. 

It is clear to me that I and my team have been contracted to deliver courses bespoke to the client and our side of the bargain is to use all our expertise and learning to ensure the necessary knowledge transfer takes root.

The feedback that we receive suggests that we are achieving this and I am determined that we continue to deliver well beyond expectation.

What we teach helps staff work better and more safely around electrical kit and the knowledge that we are effective in this is an enormous satisfaction

As one delegate noted in his feedback “I am always happy to receive training that keeps me safe”.

It’s what we do.