The Code of Practice for the Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment was updated in June 2020 (5th Edition). This code of practice, more commonly known as Portable Appliance Testing, has always been more than that. It is a clarion call to those responsible that this is a key safety requirement.

Moreover, it is a legal requirement to keep all electrical equipment safe which implies it has to be checked periodically and rectified should any problems be found.

The wiring within a building will be checked through ‘fixed wiring tests’ which would be carried out every few years (the recommendations of how often depends upon the type of building).

Portable appliances have typically been checked every year and these often include such items as kettles, fridges and tools. One category of electrical equipment that was omitted from such tests was fixed items such as wall heaters, hand driers, fixed projectors.

The new code of practice stresses the need to include such items in a testing and inspection process and provides recommendations on how to do so.  

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