You may think that Training is already a reasonably green business sector. That may be so but, as with training itself, we can always improve.

We thought that we were pretty conscious of our environmental impact, in spite of spending a lot of time on the road delivering our bespoke courses onsite at client premises. The process also generated a fair amount of collateral paperwork. On the other hand, delivering training on-site meant that we were usually the only ones traveling.

The enforced downtime of the past year has given us an opportunity to take a closer look at our environmental footprint and make changes that reduce it further. 

So now all invoices are sent as pdf files by email, end of course tests are done online with results available to individual attendees as well as their management and Successful Course attendance certificates are issued electronically.

With the slow return of business in the last few months virtually all client meetings have been held online as well as training courses where a Covid-safe alternative is not practical. We expect that when we do finally return to ‘normal life’, online meetings and Training courses will remain as part of our provision.

In themselves, these changes may not be earth-shattering but I see them as our contribution to a swelling tide of consciousness within the business that we can all do more to stem and finally arrest climate change.