A short while ago a new client from Cornwall came to us for a Bespoke Onsite electrical training course. We are not obsessively curious but we do like to know what brings clients to our door. It gives us a better understanding of what’s working for us in our marketplace. 

In this case it turned out that they had recently had a visit from an Amada engineer (Amada is a world leading manufacturer of sheet metal machinery – machine tools, software, service and finance – and a Tinson Training client) and were so impressed with his knowledge and skills that they asked were he was trained and was directed to Tinson Training.

It just goes to show that good work and a satisfied client are a powerful factor in winning yet more. I am pleased to be able to say that this was not an isolated instance. What is then particularly satisfying is that once the Tinson Training approach has been experienced 70+% return for more.