It may seem obvious that staff will take ownership of their work and how the care and quality of what they do may effect their colleagues and their employer; not to mention their own safety.

Seemingly for many it is not.

My experience of delivering training in electrical awareness to a wide range of businesses and attendees has shown me that the instinctive default setting is to do whatever they are recruited to do with whatever skills they may possess . There is too often not much sense of the value of their contribution to the whole.

However, practical and engaging training that up-skills and places the role in the context of the business process as a whole delivers a value far beyond the specific course topics.

Naturally the area of electrical awareness training focuses on many areas where the attendees responsibility for minimising risk to themselves and  their colleagues is non-negotiable and must become second nature.

This is where training in almost any field is key to better performance, staff retention and overall quality output. It is then that doing the right thing becomes instinctive.