We recently worked with a major British technology company who produce, amongst other high tech kit, parts for the Particle Accelerator at CERN. We were training in electrical awareness software engineers with PHDs in physics. When your day to day focus is working in the world of the barely comprehensible the practicalities of basic electrical practice can be overlooked.

This is our experience in delivering electrical training throughout the UK. One day we can have a room full of ‘rocket scientists’ and the next day equally vital hands on maintenance staff. A key element of delivering a successful course is in respecting the knowledge and qualifications of the attendees so that the key messages are delivered in a way with which attendees are comfortable. Don’t trivialise or over complicate the communication but pitch it at the attendees level.

We want to instil an awareness in attendees of the things that can go wrong and how to avoid them so that – at whatever level of technical ability they may be – knowledge is complete and of practical use.