Electrical Principles, Components and Circuits


A great reference book for Service and Maintenance Engineers.



This is an invaluable book for anyone who is new to electrical systems in an industrial environment. It is written in easy to understand language with a minimum of maths and theory. This 188 page book will make an ideal companion for the Service Engineer, Installation Engineer and Maintenance Engineer.


  • Basic Electrical Principles
  • Electrical Circuits
  • DC Supplies
  • AC Supplies
  • Transformers
  • Three Phase Supplies
  • Three Phase Motors
  • Single Phase Motors
  • DC Motors
  • Relays and Contactors
  • Circuits, Systems and Sensors
  • Cables and Protection Circuits
  • Fault Finding Techniques
  • Principles of Inverters
  • Electrical Hazards and Safe Working Practices

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