Bryan Armitage Biog

Bryan can truly claim to have been ’connected’ to electricity his whole working life . What is more he has a unique claim to fame. More of that later. 

The starting point of his career was a  five year stint with what was then the Yorkshire Electricity Board before moving  into High (132000) voltage work. Looking back on this period Bryan sees it as giving him a brilliant training and foundation for what followed.

After a period in the construction industry he joined Sheffield City Council as a Building Services Inspector for ten years before moving onto different challenges at the University of Sheffield where he was in charge of all plant and services, picking up a teaching qualification and finding sharing knowledge rewarding along the way. Easy to say until you realise that the job encompassed twelve substations and one hundred and thirty lifts.  

Amongst the latter is the project that is Bryan’s unique claim to fame. The Sheffield University Arts Tower boasts the tallest operating Paternoster lift system in the world. This is the lift system that runs continuously with people stepping off and on as it reaches their floor. Built fifty years ago by the Schindler Lift company it was in need of refurbishment. Bryan was project engineer. Not only did he oversee all aspects of the project through to its successful conclusion but also appeared on the BBC One Show to be interviewed about this unique feat of engineering.

Finally Bryan has departed from Sheffield and the University and relocated to Woodhall Spa  in Lincolnshire from where he follows training assignments throughout the UK